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The globalization and exposure to western culture has resulted in the change of family system (from joint family to nuclear family), as a result, children lack requisite life skills to deal with complex situations. All they receive is academic education but lack moral education, which is the very fabric to lead a healthy and balanced life. And this problem is even more with the students who shift from rural to urban places for higher education. To address this gap and strike a balance between education and life will be the solution to build a strong society. It is appalling that more than five hundred students from 10th and 12th standards have committed suicide since 2005 after their exam results [National Crime Bureau (NCRB) report]. It is a transition period for any individual during their teenage, physically, mentally and socially and they go through lots of confusions and complexities. This challenge is even more with children from backward communities (SC & STs) of rural regions.

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